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We at love garden design because it provides an outdoor canvas to artfully express ourselves creatively in the landscape, while creating useful and enjoyable spaces tailor made for the way an individual lives. This website is an extension of that canvas, working with the rich media environment of the Internet. Through the Internet, we can provide slide show images, movies, articles and more, for the benefit of all who want to explore and learn. Through the wealth of information on our site about garden design, you can quickly retrieve garden solutions and information on the many subjects in garden design. Together we provide a strong network of garden design enthusiasts and with your help, we can all spread the mutual appreciation and practical benefit of the art of garden design to our members and customers.

Our desire is to educate, empower and inspire lovers of gardening to use the tools of design to create a purpose for their outdoor space. Whether that is creating another

living space for enjoyment, providing a haven for relaxation, or expressing yourself through personal style in your garden, we have the information, creative ideas and products to assist you in fulfilling your gardening dreams.

Daily dedicating ourselves to nurturing your love of gardening by providing an online environment that is friendly and informative, we are committed to providing current and useful information to enhance your awareness of the usefulness of the garden planning and design process. We hope you enjoy the time you spend using the site. We will continue to provide you with updated information and material that will help you in your love of gardening.

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