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An Introduction to Building Aquaponic Systems (page 2)

Similarly, in a Hydroponic system, the plants will need to have constant flow of nutrient rich water flowing over their roots, since there is no soil for the plants to extract nutrients in this type of growing system. This calls for the introduction of expensive fertilizers and constant attention to maintain optimum plant growth.

By consolidating hydroponics and aquaculture systems into Aquaponics, there are numerous potential advantages, by growing a full range of foods with the added bonus of producing protein rich fish to consume and by growing a full range of vegetables and fruits in a compact area this method of food production is superior by many standards.

What are an Aquaponic System Benefits?

The plants get rich, live and regular supplements from the fish.

The fish are more satisfied and more beneficial in light of the fact that their water is always separated.

You get more advantageous plants and fish food that requires NO PESTICIDE, you get 100% natural food nourishment.

The Aquaponic procedure is straightforward: the fish by their waste products give supplements to the plants. The plants, then again act like a channel and give cleaned water to the fishes, producing incredible conditions for them to grow. The main thing you have to do is to deal with your fish, recall to sustain them and ensure their water is constantly oxygenated accurately. If you do as such, your plants will grow with no need of whatever other sort of consideration, that is the reason this methodology is nearly in autopilot!

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