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Opening Up To Our Neighbors
One of the most overlooked practical benefits of sharing a common property line with a neighbor is the mutual interest in landscaping and security. In the picture above, the path shown leads to the back property line of an adjacent lot which has a hedge of shrubs as a boundary screening element. An arched arbor has been added at the path between the hedge row to form an opening or doorway from one property to the other, acting as a visual focal point toward the end of the path from the deck. This way each neighbor can enhance the beauty of their garden by creating a way to view their neighbors garden. It is also a friendly architectural

element for the neighbor to feel as though the door is open for interaction.As a result, the properties feel connected and both families have visual access to each others lots enhancing security. This allows each neighbor to keep a eye on each others property, something of a neighborhood watch. Note that this 'doorway' does not promote one neighbor being continuously invasive on the other neighbor, it just says hello, we are not going to close you out, we are going to be connected and help keep each others property secure. This different approach to property lines can enhance the beauty of our gardens and relationships with our neighbors.
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