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Easy 'Weekend' Fountain Project (page 2 of 3)
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This is a good way to tell that the clay jar has been fired properly and will insure a long lasting piece of pottery. If, when tapping the pot, you hear a muffled thud, don't buy it, chances are that one won't last outdoors very long, especially holding water. Also try to purchase pottery that has a shiny 'glazed' finish, this added layer will help waterproof and preserve the pottery longer, especially in the elements. Also, on the topic of weather, remember to unplug your pump and drain the pottery during winter freezes so as to avoid cracking your pottery. Try to purchase a pot that has the bottom plug removed. The pottery should have a slightly recessed area at the bottom of the pot, to allow space for the electrical wire to rest under the pot. (If you select a pot that does not have adequate space for the electrical wire, then a channel must be added at the bottom of the pot to accommodate the electrical wire). Finally, a small 5/8" notch at the edge of the pottery base, at the outer edge, will need to be created so that the wire will not be crushed by the pottery when it is filled with water. You will have to fill the plug hole with a plug of silicon material to stop leaking once the pump wire has been run under the pot and out from it's under side.

Now, once you have selected the pottery that is right for your taste, and you have the supplies listed above, and you have located an electrical outlet to position the fountain near, we can start assembling the fountain.

- Forming the Copper Tubing -

With gloves, gently and slowly curve the length of 1/2" tubing to form a circular base which will rest on the bottom of the interior of your pottery. Take care not to put a kink in the tubing by slowly curling in small increments until the desired shape is achieved. This will require some patience as the metal will have to be slowly trained to take its new form. Remember to do this process in a warm environment and with the copper also at a room temperature, of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, this will help the metal be more pliable. You may have to place the tubing in the pot several times during this step to insure fit and stability of the tubing. Take care to make the circular base as wide as your pot allows and to leave a circular center space, large enough to place the pump on a brick.

Ashbury Arbor..............$599.95
Greenwich Armillary.....$249.95
Latticework Fountain...$399.95
Florentine Urn..............$249.95
Art - St. Remy Poppies.$119.95
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