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Easy 'Weekend' Fountain Project (page 3of 3)
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Once you have fashioned the circular base, continue molding the tubing upward toward the center and top of the pottery opening, making sure there is an excess of copper tube above the top of the pottery opening when you are finish. This excess tubing needs to be trimmed to just above the waterline once your fountain assembly is complete.

- Connecting the Pump and Setting up Fountain -

Place your brick on the bottom of the pottery and position your pump on top of the brick. Place one end of the 5/8" flexible vinyl tubing onto the pump spout (most pumps come with a connector or coupling part, use this for easier attachment), and the other end of the 5/8" flexible vinyl pipe over the lower end of the shaped copper tubing. Arrange the pump, tubing and brick base so that the top copper tubing remains at the center point of the round pottery opening. Run the plug end of the electrical wire through the bottom pottery hole and out of its side. (Note that some plug holes may have to be enlarged slightly to accommodate the electrical plug.) Create a notch with a drill and a large bit to create a 1/2" half circle notch at the bottom side of the pottery at its outer edge to make room for the electrical wire.

- Final Fountain Assembly Steps -

If you find that your pipe and pump pieces need more stability in the pottery, try adding an inch or two of pea gravel to the bottom of the pottery. This will help the pieces settle better at the bottom of the pottery and provide more stability. Place the pottery fountain on the concrete stepping stone in its final position with the electrical wire protruding from the bottom rear of the pot. Fill the plug hole with silicone and allow drying completely. Once dry, fill fountain, plug into outlet, adjust water flow and enjoy. As an optional decorative feature you may want to purchase a ready made fountain spot that are sold in several patterns of water flow. This addition requires cutting the copper tubing lower to accommodate the spout and connect with larger PVC sleeve that should come in the spout kit.

Ashbury Arbor..............$599.95
Greenwich Armillary.....$249.95
Latticework Fountain...$399.95
Florentine Urn..............$249.95
Art - St. Remy Poppies.$119.95
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