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Wild flower meadows in Italian gardens

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What is a Wild flower meadow? (Continued)

Therefore, I felt it made sense to come up with a system that could encourage the wild-flowers that are actually native to the area to germinate in a controlled explosion by using nature's own logic, the seasons and their lunar-cycles. Wild flower meadows can also provide us with many healing plants (piante officinale)

such as wild thymes for breathing problems and wild- garlic, which is not only an amazing medicine but also a fantastic plant! Plants like Calendula officinalis , a common plant in Italian wild flower meadows, can be used in salads, in soups, or to colour cheeses etc It is possible to achieve a wild flower meadow without buying expensive and invasive foreign species.

There is a system that ensures immediate growth stimulation of indigenous Italian wild flowers by doing very little indeed but I will be explaining a little more about that in later articles.

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