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Why use a Garden Designer?

The art of Garden design, is clearly specific to each country and the Italian garden style is by far one of the most complex. Italian gardens have evolved throughout history by following social changes and Italian garden design has been shaped and influenced by several factors over the years.

The principal factor has been the control of agricultural practises by the Aristocracy, war and the availability of food. Therefore, in order to interpret the specific style and identity of the differing phases of the Italian garden design throughout history correctly, one would need an extremely good understanding of Italian culture and history. Mistakes are easily made regarding the interpretation of various Italian garden styles from Renaissance to contemporary or from formal to informal.

A professional garden designer can prevent the homebuyer in Italy from making some socially embarrassing and rather expensive errors when designing his or her Italian garden. A good garden designer will compliment and underline the existing architecture of the house with intelligent garden design, as good garden design could be paralleled to the Italian fashion industry.

For example, even the ugliest house can be rendered attractive with good garden design, in the same way that even the least attractive of humans can be transformed instantly by dressing him/her in fine Italian clothing.

There are still bargains to be found on the Italian property market and it does still harbour some great investments. An Italian garden designed in the correct manner will make a major difference to the value of any Italian property, rendering it automatically attractive and pleasant at first sight. Such harmony between the house and the surrounding landscape is not easily achieved without professional advice and any money spent on a professional garden design will generally be retained (and possibly even doubled!) in the value of that property in years to come. However, it has to be said that a complicated, high-maintenance garden can have the opposite effect and can, in actual fact, scare the potential home-buyer away.

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