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Why use a Garden Designer? (Continued)

A garden designer will choose plants that are perfectly adapted to the climate, altitude and soil type of your garden and will therefore save vast amounts of money on investing vast sums of money on mistaken planting that will almost certainly die within the first few seasons. The garden designer will also provide consultation and general good advice for the aftercare of the garden, which will aid in establishing the garden with very few mistakes. He should also enable free, translated dialogue in Italian, which will avoid frustrating and costly communication problem.

The modern garden designer is now placing a much higher emphasis upon low-maintenance garden design, which still manages to retain strong structure, form and overall harmony within the garden space yet increases property value. Low maintenance, cost and the environment are major factors in today's property market and having the chance to create a garden that can address all of these factors surely explains why a garden designer is essential when designing an Italian, Mediterranean or, indeed, any garden in this modern world.

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