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Vegetable gardens in Italian gardens

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Vegetable gardens in Italian gardens (Continued)

If we choose to plant hedges along these formal lines, we can choose from boxwood or yew, to rosemary or lavender. However, hedges, beautiful as they are, require maintenance and that word is almost banned in my gardens! This particular garden was transformed from a building site into a lush vegetable garden in just one short winter, that's a few months, using a system named ecologica. This system uses the logic of ecology and old Italian agricultural practises coupled with a general understanding of lunar cycles to provide both beauty and flavour in the garden, and the results speak for themselves from the visual impact... the table- mmm...!

Vegetable plants can be purchased using coins, as opposed to notes, as they're not expensive. In fact the installation of a 'formal Italian vegetable garden' can save up to 50% on initial installation!

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