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Garden Landscape Plans

Browse our professional garden plans for ideas on how to start your own creative landscape design ideas or use the example plans to start your own garden. Click on the small plan images to see larger examples of a particular plan. Purchase garden plan illustrations or inquire about custom design services here.

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garden design services

garden design services

Backyard Patio, Perennial Border Planting and Wooden Gazebo

One outdoor room leads to another as the pool area is closed off from the larger circular perennial garden at top. The stepping stone walk leads to a pond shared by several property owners. The space at right has much shade from existing trees and a more naturalistic planting scheme.

Concrete Walk Through Trees with Border Planting

Having a destination in a garden, like the one at top, is a very important aspect. The person experiencing the space should feel that they are being led from one outdoor area to another.

Front Entry Planting with Picket Fence and Walk

The dashed line inside the property line is a proposed picket fence. This encloses the front garden and reclaims the space as useful to experience and semiprivate.

Backyard House Foundation Planting, Path and Lake Arbor

The rear patio leads to a second arbor covered space near the water's edge. Having a sequence of spaces makes for a much stronger garden experience and a larger seeming garden space.

Backyard Planting, Path and Pond

By enclosing and turning the view back toward the home, this garden turns an ordinary yard into several distinct garden spaces. This garden comes complete with a pond and footbridge over the pond through an arbor that straddles two garden areas.

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