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Garden Landscape Plans

Browse our professional garden plans for ideas on how to start your own creative landscape design ideas or use the example plans to start your own garden. Click on the small plan images to see larger examples of a particular plan. Purchase garden plan illustrations or inquire about custom design services here.

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garden design services

garden design services

Front Yard Entry Walk and Planting

Sometimes clean smooth bedlines can turn an ordinary front yard into an attractive elegant focus view to the front of a home. Here the curves tend to lead the eye toward the front of the home and frame the view inward.

Gazebo with Walk and Pedestal Urn Center Piece

With this small plain backyard the idea of adding an arbor as an organizing element can pull as otherwise small ordinary space into a quaint cozy garden. This structure with a path and plantings are a nice touch to this garden and work well to diversify the garden.

Gazebo, Fountain, Front and Rear Planting

The hardscape in this plan mimics the architecture of the home by bringing out the character and shapes found on and around the house. By adding a gazebo lying in the middle of a rich planting at the rear of the property a visitor has a destination to go toward which makes this space more interesting and inviting.

Arbor, Patio Walk and Rear Planting

Drainage in this plan was the main motivation of the homeowners. By lifting the plain of the back yard, the drainage was solved and the garden space now has an interesting elevation change.

Commercial Building Foundation Planting

Commercial buildings can be more functional than easy on the eyes. The trees used in this landscaping helped a lot to disguise the size of the metal building and maintaining a more human scale to the structure, while providing the building entry with more focus and interest though striking textured plantings and the addition of color with annuals.

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