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Garden Landscape Plans

Browse our professional garden plans for ideas on how to start your own creative landscape design ideas or use the example plans to start your own garden. Click on the small plan images to see larger examples of a particular plan. Purchase garden plan illustrations or inquire about custom design services here.

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garden design services

garden design services

Low Brick Wall in Formal Hard-Scape Entry Plan

The low brick wall added along this cul-de-sac lot, defines the property boundary and leads your eye to the main fountain. Surrounded by the front brick entry walk, this fountain basin is also made of concrete with a brick veneer. Using similar materials creates a harmony to match the home style and bring a unity of design. Together with slate accents makes for a rich hard-scape design solution.

Pool on Pond Lot with Outdoor Kitchen Plan

This pool and outdoor kitchen area overlooks a five acre manmade pond. Adjacent to the pool, in addition to the outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, stove top and built in refrigerator, is a four foot by 8 foot arbor which has a 6 foot cypress wood swing. Creating a variety of garden spaces is useful for larger outdoor gatherings that need a variety of usable open areas.

Informal Planting Entry Plan with Rock Accents

Placing large accent rock in and around this new landscape blended well with the surrounding hills and naturally rocky landscape. Plants and trees found in the area were also incorporated into the foundation planting of the home with some new varieties of plant materials. The addition of the front entry fountain made for a tranquil approach to the home.

Deck and Patio Plan with Perimeter Garden Walk

One of the objects in any successful landscape is to get people to experience the place by moving through it. With this large backyard it was a garden walk around the space which made that possible. Having several stops possible along the way, a guest could experience the deck, walk or back patio space all flanked by an interesting pallet of plant materials.

Small Garden Plan with Kids Play Area at Rear Property

Small garden spaces tend to the most challenging to design. In this case the owner wanted a patio with a wall fountain, a built-in swing set at the rear and they also wanted to retain as much of the sod of their back yard as possible.

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