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Planting Design and Arrangement

Before you fork over the money - or dig into the dirt, it is important to think about your garden design. Develop a plan that will suit your yard and also grow into a beautiful garden. Let's talk about placement first. It's key to choose plants that will flourish in your garden. So, make sure to think about how much sunlight and water you receive in your backyard. Also consider the temperature; plants thrive in differing temperatures, so select plants based on what will naturally excel in your garden. There might be areas of your yard that get regular sunlight and others that get regular shade, so pick your plants based on the perimeters of your yard. Also consider how durable the plants are that you are choosing. If you are purchasing dozens of plants, you might want to pick hardy plants that will likely survive over time. That will reduce your out of pocket expenses should you lose some plants. Once you know what plants will thrive in your yard, pick plants of different sizes and textures. That way, when you are planting, you can layer, using tall trees in back with lower shrubs in front. You can also play with texture and color - picking a pattern of plants to draw your eye to an area. Another choice, developing a pattern you can repeat in an area - then pick a unique plant to put in the middle. It will add effect and draw your attention to the area in the middle. Another option is to position beds of plants to compliment a space. You can surround the outdoor space or patio with plants; just make sure you're not cutting through the area. You don't want you or your guests to have to walk through your plants to get to a sitting area or patio. Also position the plant beds so you can easily see them from the sitting area - it'll be a nice viewing area. Whatever you do make sure you take into consideration what size the plants will be at full growth. You don't want to plant them close together, and then have to tear them down the following season. Allow the plants to grow into themselves. Doing these things will ensure you have beautiful plants that thrive; that way you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

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