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Repeating Garden Elements 'A Key to Strong Design'

Just as nature repeats the same type of shrubs or flowers in the wild, it is important in the garden design process to repeat the same garden design elements. Whether the elements are plants, pots, paving materials, a design shape, etc., the repetition of these articles throughout the garden space can add interest to the space and lead the eye from one part of the garden to the other. Some of the most elegant garden designs incorporate only a few plant materials or only a few hardscape materials properly spaced and placed throughout a garden. Strong design does not necessarily mean alot of different things in the garden. In planting design, by careful selection,

the objective is often to reduce the number of different types of materials down to the minimum necessary to create a captivatingly strong design. It is much like what an artist will do on the canvas. He or she will lead your eye to the subject matter, the thing they want you to look at the most, and keep you interested in what is on the canvas by repeating either a form or a color, etc.. This design device can work for you in the garden, but it will take a little will-power at the nursery. Next time your shopping for plants, instead of buying ten different plants that you like, try to buy several of the same type of plants and mass them together in your garden or distribute them in groups throughout your garden space, the results should pleasantly suprise you!
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