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Lets look at residential landscape design in terms of practical solutions for a property's beautification. Landscape design is producing outdoor spaces into functional and beautiful outdoor retreats and viewing areas, by using plant material and hard-cape materials to delineate these spaces. This is in contrast to the blank square grassy areas surrounded by either a chain link fence or a 6-foot wood privacy fence so often found in the average suburban neighborhood. Many people overlook the idea that a property should be developed and accessorize outside the home as much as it is inside the home, plants and accessories do not have to be expensive, just well thought out and well placed. There's a statistic that was published several years ago that stated that for each dollar spent in landscaping, a three dollar return was not uncommon in the resale of that home.

This fact says a lot about the positive perception that a well landscaped home gives to potential buyers and visitors and should be factored into the property and house's ongoing improvement.

The front and rear of a home are treated differently when considering landscape design. The front of the home is usually within close proximity to a public street and can be approached either by vehicle or by pedestrian walk. Landscape curb appeal is important and is the first impression that a visitor or potential home buyer sees when introducing the property.With this in mind, the average time that a passerby or visitor looks at the front of a home is short. Therefore, from a landscape professional's perspective, the object of the front landscape design should be to frame the home and keep the visitors interest by creating interesting or exciting things to look at in the front of a home as they make the approach to the front door. Some examples to accomplish this are to plant exciting textures, color or form contrast, these are great ways to catch an eye in the landscape. The time spent looking at the front of a home is even shorter in a vehicle than on foot. Therefore, it is even more important to capture their attention by developing not only the foundation of the home with plantings and accessories, but by using the spaces near the roadway to add even more garden drama. This serves the purpose of putting the excitement closer to the viewing point (the vehicle) and also repeating the front design elements creating stronger design.

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