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The rear landscape design should be thought of in terms of outdoor rooms that need walls, a doorway, furniture and accessories that will make the spaces useful, complete and inviting. Use the spaces as fully as possible, meaning that you should not have left over property (unless deliberately) after the design is complete. If you have a larger plot of land, try to separate the space into two or more outdoor spaces using walls of either fences or stone or dense plant material to sort of pinch the space leaving a small portal or doorway from one space to the other. This will create an intriguing entry to the next space as well as cause more interest, drawing people through the spaces in sequence. Make it even more inviting by adding a walk and try to have a destination like a bench or an arbor. Try to use an existing axis and view corridors to enhance the drama from indoor views to the garden. One way to use an axial view is to put something to view at the end of the axis line, for example, use a fountain, birdbath or specimen tree at a window or doorway (allow enough space for growth).If a rear patio or deck space is desired, make sure that enough room is allowed for not only the people, but for furniture, barbeque pits, chairs, etc. The space should also be cool and inviting, so place trees and shrubs so that shade is cast on the patio space in summer months and pick trees that drop their leaves in winter months to take advantage of warm sunrays.

If cooling summer breezes are important, make sure not to block these with the walls of the garden. On the other hand, if cold winter winds make a space unbearable in the winter, try to locate the garden walls to block these areas while trying to arrange an inviting garden space. Garden planning will take thought and contemplation, but can have very rewarding results. In defining the front and rear garden in these ways, the results can be stunningly beautiful and rewarding as the garden grows and matures.

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