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Ten Ways to Save Money When Installing Your New Garden Landscape

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7.) Concrete Scoring, Staining or Stamping vs. Natural Stone/Masonry Finish

By having large varieties of colors and patterns available in this popular patio or walk material, it is quickly becoming the way to achieve that rich material look without the heavy price tag of a natural stone finish. By combining an attractive scoring pattern that mimics your favorite natural material, combined with adding several layers of stains that model the color variations seen in natural stone, one can produce a very attractive pattern that looks authentic as a natural stone finish while costing much less. This is especially true for people who do not live near rock quarries where the shipping costs make installation of a natural stone product cost prohibitive.

8.) Buy Garden Accessories During Off Season Instead of Spring

Retail garden centers, like car dealerships, like to turn over there inventory for next years new line. Shopping for your garden statue or pottery in the fall or 'off season' can bring home the bargains and save you dollars. You will find that you will always be looking for that perfect something to put in your garden even in the off-season!

9.) Prefabricated Fountain vs. a Custom Fountain

Custom fountains that are constructed from scratch tend to be rather expensive to install in your garden. A more economical way to add the wonderful amenity of a fountain can be to source out a pre-fabricated garden fountains at your local retail outlet or through an internet search. Much of the look and feel of a custom fountain can be achieved through the many options and styles available in today's market place.

Advancements in polymer molding materials have given manufacturers more advantages in the types of fountain products that they can sell to consumers. Light weight polymers that have a natural stone appearance are a common sight nowadays in retail nursery outlets. This means that is possible for homeowners to pick up and move these light weight fountains from the store to your own home making is easy to install and maneuver around your yard, whereas heavier authentic stone fountain basins that require much more equipment and manpower to install.

10.) Fiberglass Pool Vs. Gunite/Plaster Pool

There are more options than ever before for in ground pools. Solutions like pre-fabricated fiberglass pool systems offer cost savings and many various shapes sizes and styles of pools as an alternative to the conventional gunite and plaster pool building method. Usually delivered as one pre-molded piece, the fiberglass pool system can cost less much than a custom pool installation. Another trend in whole building would be the advent of what is call a plunge pool, which is simply a smaller pool and less expensive to build.

Consider our list as a starting point to creatively think of more ways to save money and stretch your dollars while creating that paradise you have always wanted. Take a look closer at the garden installation process and you may be able to find even more creative ways to save while achieving the quality, richness and beauty that you know you want in your garden. Creating a garden can be one of the most delightful experiences provided that you give some foresight to the details before you begin and eliminate the stress of overspending during the installation of your garden.

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