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Home Security Starts in the Landscape

Most people think that home security starts at the front door of your home; actually important subtle layers of security should start out in the landscape of your home's property. This is especially true for city and large suburban dwellers where population density is higher and the living spaces are closer together. The design and arrangement of home and landscape elements become even more important in these circumstances. Implementing some or all of the methods below, together with the installation of traditional home alarm systems, can provide a much higher degree of safety and security in and around your home. Integrated into a home landscape design, most of these security ideas will not even be detectable to the everyday onlooker, but together these ideas can strengthen your property's resistance to unwanted thieves and vandals.

Controlled Views

The old adage 'out of sight, out of mind' can be an affective deterrence to help homeowners reduce any potential theft of property through orienting structures in a manner that hides what you own. Orienting fences and plantings in such a way as to minimize the view into a private space, while allowing some controlled views out of the space to see who is entering your property. Also, knowing that a garden space is potentially being watched by its owner or neighbors can be a considerable deterrent to 'would be' thieves who do not usually want to be detected. Carefully orienting home and garden structures and elements for privacy will reduce the possibility of a passing thief stealing something on a whim, because it's convenient and accessible.

For example, orienting the garage in such a way so as to not face it toward the roadway or positioning the garage away from the road altogether if there is sufficient space on the property. If the garage is facing or near the road try to screen the view to the interior of the garage with shrubs directly adjacent to the garage door. Not to mention that it just look unattractive from the street to see into a garage. Don't let thieves 'window shop' your garage contents, arrange to minimize your exposure.

Landscape Lighting, Motion Sensors

By adding motion sensitive lighting that only comes on when triggered, or low voltage lighting that adds cost affective security lighting over time, the homeowner can have peace of mind during the nighttime hours, and minimize costs by not having to run expensive security lights the entire night. Consider landscape lighting that accents shrubs and trees across your property, as well as lights pathways or beds, transforming it into a wonderful nighttime accent from a dark insecure space on your property. Remember thieves don't want to be detected, so by adding landscape and security lighting the homeowner eliminates a safe harbor for would be thieves who tend to be drawn to dark unwatched spaces.

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