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From formal to informal or somewhere in between, let us help you decide which garden style you prefer. Our garden style section shows you lots of garden styles you may enjoy creating in your own landscape. Use the arrows to the right to browse through our selection of garden styles.
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  Formal Garden Style  

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The formal garden style consists of long axial views, usually with a symmetrical layout, clipped hedges are common sights, these are the earmarks of a formal garden style. This garden type conveys power and control over the environment as well as its visitors. Early French Gardens were constructed with control and manipulation of nature in mind. Many were very large gardens the had a strong geometry instilled into the plans. Nature was subdued into submission and water played an important role in expressing the freedom in the garden and in nature. Later formal axial views gave way to long winding paths surrounded by gardens of natural land which people used to great extent in the pastime of escaping into the countryside and spending the day strolling through the gardens. It wasn't until the 19th century that the idea of a flowering trees and shrubs or the addition of flowerbeds entered French garden design. There were still thoughtfully layed out walks and paths to enjoy, with plantings of seemingly free formed plantings surrounding there walks and paths.

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