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From formal to informal or somewhere in between, let us help you decide which garden style you prefer. Our garden style section shows you lots of garden styles you may enjoy creating in your own landscape. Use the arrows to the right to browse through our selection of garden styles.
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English Garden Style

English landscape gardening in it's early form was mainly utility in function. Vast deer parks surrounded large estate homes and small knot gardens filled with lilies and tulips may be near the house itself. Orchards and kitchen gardens would be planted further away from the home and paths with walls or hedges flanking them. Later, as the middle class implemented their English garden influence, the style became a more relaxed form of garden design the removal of some of the boundaries and hedges and working the garden into the natural landscape became the foundation of the English Garden we know today. Other influences in the English Style are the of the Palladian architectural style, the Italian use of Sculptures in the garden setting as well as the formal French garden style the uses long lawn vistas. Long lawn views bordered by natural plantings of trees and lush border plantings along natural appearing, but planted trees and shrubs.

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