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Successful tree preservation during site development

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Use porous or minimally invasive construction materials when developing any 'hardscape' (paving or other hard materials) areas within the root protection zone. This may include designing in the use of platform wood decking or pavers on a sand base, instead of non-porous materials, as a construction material alternative. This is not to say that non porous materials such as concrete or asphalt cannot coexist under an existing tree, as long as it is used sparingly relative to the overall tree protection area and that care is taken to design around larger roots.

Add a layer of mulch out to the drip line of the tree to aid in moisture retention if existing under story shrubs and vegetation needs to be removed for construction and water regularly.

Finally, in construction areas that require non-porous materials the use of a geo-tile grid, suspended concrete pours and perforated piping may have to be considered when loading under tree area are unavoidable, such as parking areas and specialized design situations. This may require a custom solution on a tree by tree basis.

Implementing these strategies before and during site construction will yield much greater landscape tree preservation success, provide an instant established look for the overall developed site and maintain the value we all want from our landscaping and trees.

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