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Plans on the Table- Work in Progress

Design Study # 1
Design Integration - Putting it All Together

Here's where a homeowner can really start to see the usefulness of a professional designer or Architect's worth in the fitting together of the garden pieces. Notice how the driveway and the garden walk in the example above, are integrated to produce a much more finished and inviting garden entry. The addition of a 3'-high picket-fence and an arched wooden arbor straddling the walk on an axis to the porch, will make these a dramatic series of spaces as you approach the home.

The addition of accessories and plantings to soften and focus your views through the garden will make the experience memorable. In addition, by the interaction and change of surface materials (asphalt at the drive and brick for the garden walk), the garden walk seems to reach out and usher in guests by giving them subtle direction where to enter the home.

In addition this solution addresses the need for a generous driveway width (12' to 18') and screening of guest parking from the road with plant materials to diminish the sight of automobiles while focusing on the architecture.

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