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Plans on the Table- Work in Progress

Design Study # 3
Site Orientation & Layout

At this stage of the design process I am looking to add a strong organizational site element beyond the pool area and deliniate the two spaces better. This serves the function of acting as a visual devise to lead the visitor to the next space which is the pond and existing gazebo off site at upper left. Although the planting design is not complete, the selections of the type of planting for the large circular space should compliment and strengthen this curvedstepping stone walk, thus the line of dw. azaleas along the walk. On the upper right of the site the feel will be more woodland and natural. The square in the middle of the two spaces (overlapping the bench) is a great place to position a bench or arbor or deck.

By straddling the two outdoor rooms, it becomes a good connector for the two garden spaces, as well as a good way to access the two spaces. Nestled under the existing trees this will be an enjoyable location to relax and enjoy the two gardens, one more perennial, the other woodland. Notice the types of plants to be considered (see plan text). The front of the home shows the existing plants (old planting) with the new bedline. These soft bedline shapes will strenghten the visual continuity of the whole lot and home. Pulling the bedline out toward the road will lead a persons eye back into the architecture of the home. I particularly like the idea that the lawn is on both sides of the existing walk as you move toward the front entry. Notice the repitition of the forms in the stepping stone curve and the addition of a fountain as a focal point.
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