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Ten Ways to Save Money When Installing Your New Garden Landscape

Find ways to save money while planning your garden landscape installation through cutting costs of things you may not need, that can run up the costs of landscape construction.

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Planting Design and Arrangement

Before you fork over the money - or dig into the dirt, it is important to think about your garden design. Develop a plan that will suit your yard and also grow into a beautiful garden. Let's talk about placement first. It's key to choose plants that will flourish in your garden. So, make sure to think about how much sunlight and water you receive in your backyard.

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Creating Patios in Sloping Backyards

Often times one of the best solutions for a sloping backyard is to split the spaces with either one or several retaining walls to flatten out and create a usable space in a backyard. By placing the wall at a location in the space which will allow for a generous patio to be created within the level ground can make a great backyard patio solution.

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Outdoor Kitchens

When you have company over, doesn't it seem you always gather in your kitchen? Well, you can move that party outside to the luxury of your backyard. Enjoying beautiful weather while you cook outside and entertain guests is exquisite. It's the reason outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular.

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Home Landscapes, Front and Back

Lets look at residential landscape design in terms of practical solutions for a property's beautification. Landscape design is producing outdoor spaces into functional and beautiful outdoor retreats and viewing areas, by using plant material and hard-scape materials to delineate these spaces.

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Vegetable Gardens in Italian Gardens

The vegetable garden often conjures images of scruffy areas of wasteland under freeway bridges or near railway tracks, or maybe an area of a garden that nobody else really wants- a sort of "No-mans' land" between garden and rubbish-tip. Well, here in Italy the vegetable garden has a far more important and social role in the community.

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garden design services


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