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caladium landscape bed

Beautiful Plants - It's in the Dirt

Here in the southern U.S. we have a warm sunny climate that allows for a variety of plants to be cultivated and enjoyed in and around our homes, businesses, neighborhoods and parks. Although it's obvious that the plants are a necessity to that beauty, it is truly the condition of the soils that are the major component in how lush, large or flowered our plants will become.

italian gravel gardens

Understanding Gravel Gardens in Italy

A gravel garden about as close to a truly Mediterranean garden as we can get, it relies on gravel to form the medium on which we walk, instead of costly lawn/irrigation installations. When installed correctly a gravel garden will perform a number of very useful, time/money saving tasks in the garden.

home and landscape security

Home Security Starts in the Landscape

Most people think that home security starts at the front door of your home; actually important subtle layers of security should start out in the landscape of your home's property. This is especially true for city and large suburban dwellers where population density is higher and the living spaces are closer together.

italian garden design - tuscany

Italian Garden Design - Tuscany

When we imagine the typical Tuscan garden images of elaborate, formal Renaissance gardens often spring to mind, like Boboli in Florence or La Foce, near Montepulciano...These gardens displayed the power and control that man wished to exert over nature in the glorious Renaissance period of the 16th century.

garden landscape restoration

Garden Landscape Restoration

Don't even think about trashing all of your overgrown landscaping! Yes it would be nice to know there's a house behind those shrubs, but let's not be too hasty about it.Take a hard look at those plants you paid good money for and stretch those landscape dollars by re-using key existing plants in a new restored landscape.

tree preservation - live oak

Tree Preservation & Site Construction

Here in the South East US we are fortunate to have the growing conditions which provide a climate for a wonderful variety of large shade trees, for which we have become known. Because of the abundant sunlight, plenty of water and rich soils, our trees have flourished over time and their numbers multiplied to produce the wonderful canopy of shade that graces our landscape today.

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garden design services

garden design services


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