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Boxwoods in a globe sculpture form were used to anchor the base of the rear porch columns. An alley of hydrangea 'Tardiva Standards' and hydrangea 'Annabelle' resides on the south side of the property, situated under neighboring shady white pine trees. To act as a focal point, a Kousa Dogwood is centered on the front corner of the yard and brings you through the space. Sitting on the east side of the pool in the chaise lounge area, the entire garden is highly viewable.

It's a rare opportunity, with new construction, to be pulled into the project early on to make a real impact for the clients and before modifications become too late or expensive to reverse poor design and/or installation. Working with the clients, the builder and their budgets early on helped to create the ground work for its completion. While the original landscape package had to be completely redone (transplanted), all material was salvaged and put to good use and in the end, the final results far exceeded everyone's expectations.

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