Privacy Policy
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How we use e-mail
We send one e-mail message to confirm each on-line order you make, and we occasionally use e-mail addresses for promotion of sales or other items of interest to our customers.
If you receive e-mail from us that you would rather not receive, simply e-mail your request to us to discontinue.
Please note that we do not sell or share e-mail addresses with other companies. We encourage you to e-mail us with your questions or comments. We read every e-mail we receive.

What information we may share with others

If you provide us with your name or postal address, we may make it available to other companies who want to tell you about their products. (E-mail us if you would not like to share this information). In delivering this information, we may group you with other customers who have bought similar amounts and types of products, but we do not provide any details about you or your household.

What information we do not share with others does not share, sell or trade e-mail addresses, information collected as part of a survey or specific details about you or your household. Except to verify credit card information to complete your order, we do not use or release any credit card or financial information for any purpose. For privacy purposes, all information relating to our customers is stored on a highly secure server that is not accessible via the Internet.
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