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hydrated and therefore should be watered thoroughly the day before, if possible. Most ground covers, shrubs, and trees need to be watered during the spring and summer months on a weekly basis, if there has been little or no rainfall. Afternoon summer showers are sometimes not adequate to sufficiently water. Beds should be checked on a regular basis. During the fall and winter months, watering should be less frequent and on an as needed basis. Annuals and perennials will require more frequent watering than most shrubs, trees and ground covers. Most varieties will require watering during spring and summer months every 3 - 5 days if there has been little

or no rainfall. Fall and winter annuals should be watered once every 1 - 2 weeks if there has been no rainfall. Dormant perennials should not be watered unless there is an extended period of 3 - 4 weeks of no rain and the soil is dry to a 2 inch depth or there is a threat of a hard freeze. Automatic irrigation systems can be extremely helpful if properly designed and installed. Since watering needs are highly variable, proper coverage is very important. Plant material should be matched to an appropriate amount of water supplied along with the proper frequency. Timing of the system should reflect the watering recommendations listed above. Remember that automatic systems need to be checked regularly for proper output.
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