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Understanding Garden & Landscape Design

Understanding storm water drainage is also an important consideration when accumulating rain waters can affect buildings and structures foundations, as well as effect plant material survivability, since standing water can quickly rot root systems and promote plant diseases. Adequate slopes away from building structures and planting areas insuring minimal build up of excess surface and subsurface waters which keep soils stable and plants healthy. To communicate this important construction information, a grading plan may be necessary to accurately convey to a contractor how the water is to flow through a site and to locate the collection points and drainage outfall.

During the entire design process the designer takes into consideration the same design principles that apply to building architects, interior designers, graphic designers or fine art professionals, and apply these to a landscape design. Some of the design principles considered in a landscape design are; unity, balance, harmony, contrast, repetition, variety, emphasis, proportion, functionality and attraction. Their use can significantly affect the design outcome and can produce outstanding design results when implemented wisely. Each design principle is incorporated together to achieve a harmonious and a pleasing landscape garden environment.

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