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Understanding Garden & Landscape Design

Consulting the client's needs and wants through the design process a landscape designer can apply their skills to creating an artfully shaped the outdoor space which incorporates all of the client's wants and requirements. The final set of drawings necessary for a complete set can include; a planting plan, a hard-scape plan, an irrigation plan and construction details of any walks, patios, arbors, outdoor structures, raised planters, paths, roadways, fountains, etc. and specifications for each item. In large scale or extensive designs topography/grading plan and storm water drainage/water retention plan may be needed. Sometimes a feasibility study of the project may be required to make sure it is feasible to construct such a design within budget and in the given location.

Once the design is approved the plans can be finalized and construction details drawn to refine the design and construction details and the construction specifications can be written. Once this completed, the drawings are distributed out to bid to appropriately skilled contractors which construct and install the drawn plans and turn the plans to reality. Construction supervision by the landscape architect or designer should be maintained throughout the installation of the landscape to assure the proper implementation of the landscape design and to make any field adjustments that may be necessary while construction is in progress.

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